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wrongful termination

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  • wrongful termination

    I was hired to work for a communications company a short time ago . At the time i was hired to do only phone connections which did not require alot physically . As the summer months approached and buisness slowed down i was then asked to do a lot more of the physically demanding jobs which was never mentioned as one of my job requirements when i started . Such as digging six foot trenches to lay drop lines cable lines etc . I performed these tasks with no question and continually did this for 4 months or so . At the time of my hire the owner was aware that i had back surgery a year or so prior to this and at times still experienced some back problems . I then recently suffered from a more severe situatuion such as more severe back pain and took the appropriate time off to seek a physicians help . (2 weeks )
    This leave was excused by my physician and by the owner of the buisness . I returned to work a day earlier than expected only to find out that the owner was letting me go due to the back injury and said that he would not be willing to work around my illness . Now this is where it gets interesting . The operations manager of the buisness is his son and suffers from related problems such as mine and prior to my sickness had taken the same amount of time off . My work record to this point had been well appreciated as far as i know. i had never recieved a write up for my job performance and was actually told at the time of my dismissal that if they had any openings later on that they would keep me in mind . Now i know this may have been said only to ease the situation . But why terminate someone and then mislead them by making a statement such as this .My question is?Does this fall under disability discrimination or do i have the right to take any legal action against the employer .

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    It is possible it falls under ADA. How many employees are there? How long had you been there?
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