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Erroneous claim Illinois

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  • Erroneous claim Illinois

    I'd written earlier of a harassment complaint that started offline and continued online. To add to the whole ridiculous thing, after having separated from his wife for three months of which we were completely only friends, he returned to her in December. I've had no contact with either one still she continued to harass me. One night about a month ago, I was at an establishment alone keeping to myself, when she walked in and started an altercation. Little did I know at the time the owner was a friend of hers. I tried to file a charge, but because she had the alibi of a "witness" the bar owner, who was not there (but that is another story) I couldn't have anything done. I went to the State Attorney's office to which wouldn't you know it, she had beat me to speaking. I walked in later to a Order of Protection. She being the dominate one in the relationship typed up a statement and had her husband say that we were previously in a relationship. That is absolutely untrue. A friend trying to lend an ear and support to a desperate man trying to get out on his own is all that I did. He did not stay with me nor come to visit me.

    Anyway, because of my position in HR I don't just want a dismissal. I want this matter expunged. In order to try for that I heard I had to be represented and the lawyer I contacted said he'd need 500.00. I paid the amount, but I am curious. Can I ask the court to have them reimburse me the amount paid, since this order wa issued completely out of her need for revenge and spitefulness. I am a single mom and frankly, five hundred is still a considerable amount. I'd written a memo when I mailed it with my check, but I have not heard back from him and the court date is tomorrow. I'd like to walk in with relevant information to help my cause.

    Thank you in advance.

    Any suggestions?
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