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restricted driver Virginia

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  • restricted driver Virginia

    I have a restricted driver liciense in VA for a DUI. I am currently able to drive to and from work. I have to go to Oklahoma City for a required school for my job and will be considered my temporary place of employement for 10 weeks. Will I be able to drive to and from my school and apartment during "working hours"? Can I get that added to my form that shows my home address and address to my work? Can a VA judge give me permission to drive in another state or do I have to goto the Oklahoma Courts? Any info would be helpfull on whrere to start.

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    This could be an even bigger mess.

    Most states require you to become licensed in that state and title your vehicle in that state if you will be there longer than 60 days (10 weeks is 70 days). With a DUI suspension, that could be impossible.

    If probation is attached to the DUI, you probably are prohibited from leaving the state.

    I have an issue with employers who require as a condition of employment such things that can be costly to employees, that can cause a person on parole or probation to violate their terms of release, or that can cause them to inadvertently break the law. A 70 day stay in another state technically will cause the person to have to transfer his license and vehicle registration TWICE - once when he moves into that state, and once when he moves back. Each time, there are fees.

    My suggestion is to use public transportation or cabs, or get a bicycle for that period. And use a motel, not an apartment. Renting an apartment could be construed as transferring residency.

    And don't forget that you will probably have to file taxes in both states.


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      Your residence is where you live. If you go somewhere for a couple of months with the intention of returning home, I think you'd be covered as far as licensing goes.

      From having been in the military and being a bit paranoid, I would carry a copy of my orders or the equivalent that states that you're only in Oklahoma for a given period of time.

      I suspect that your license is not valid outside of your state, but I don't really know. Georgia's restricted driver's are only valid for Georgia. You might try talking to your PO about it. They may have had other probationers in your situation.
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        Try this!

        Go back to your probation officer you had while it was supervised, cause I am assuming you are on unsupervised probation at this time for 11/29. Tell them your situation and ask them to transfer your probation to the county you will be going to, tell them you are having an interlock device put on your car which will cost about $100 install and $80 a month, the device allows you to drive anytime, anywhere and some states do allow out of state travel, some do not, so you may not need to transfer probation. They should be able to set up a monitor in that state, the monitor will see all the activity on the device hence pass/fail, ask first whether Virginia allows out of state travel with an Interlock device.


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          May be useful for others

          Note: I read the first post date wrong, I am sure he has his licenses back by now...


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            That happens.
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