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Applying for a job

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  • Applying for a job

    I entered a plea of nolo contendre to Grand Theft (lots of bad checks). I got an order withholding adjudication of guilt and placed on probation.

    I'm looking to apply for a new job. My probation officer said that since my adjudication was withheld I could check off NO if they application asks if I was convicted of a felony. Is this true? I live in the state of Florida. I left that out of my thread title.

    My thing is the place I'm applying at a place that will do a background check. If I make it to the inteview I'm going to let them know.

    Should I apply and hope for the best?

    Does anyone have suggestions?

    Words of encouragement?

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    You might be better off asking this on one of the employment forums.

    Do you have a reason to believe that your PO would steer you wrong? What your PO said makes sense. Since adjudication was withheld, you've never been convicted.
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      Thanks Billy Mack!


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        It is my understanding of the law that you may truthfully assert they you were not convicted of a felony. IMO, you can check no on the application form.


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          Kid, if your PO says it's so, then consider it so. Your PO is a professional. Trust him/her.
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          I also may not have been either sane or sober when I wrote it down.
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 is a good resource!


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            You're probation officer is largely correct.

            (Assuming you have no other felony crimes on your record)

            If you are asked "Have you ever been convicted of a felony?", you may answer no. You have plead no contest to the felony charge but a formal conviction was not made.

            There are a few job applications may ask a more detailed question. If they ask...

            "Have you ever been arrested and/or convicted, found guilty, had adjudication withheld, or entered a plea of nolo contendere (no contest) to a crime?"

            If so, you'll need to be honest with your interviewer.

            Chances are such a question would be asked for a position when a more rigorous background check is performed, such as working in the public trust (school, nursing home, etc.)

            Getting around a situation is not impossible, especially with your good attitude and desire to work. Fingers crossed for you.


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              Thank you so much for everyone's response! I'm gonna go for it. Hopefully I will get this job. If not ..I'm gonna keep on trying. I'm not going to let one terrible mistake (haven't gotten into prior troubles) define who I really am as a person.


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                Despite the comments above, when the employer finds out what happened, they will count it as a conviction and can you for lying on the application, even though, technically, it is not a conviction. At least not yet.

                You need to let the potential employer know what happened. If they get surprised, they won't be pleased.
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                  Agree with Scott. They most likely will pick the hx up on a background check & they won't be too happy. They may consider it a "lie by ommission" if you didn't tell them beforehand what happened.
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