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Abuse of the NDR Washington

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  • Abuse of the NDR Washington

    I thought I'd throw this out in frustration.

    The title is the problem, the topic is driver license transfer.
    I'm trying to transfer my CA DL to the state of WA.
    The CA DL is spotless for over 16 years WA won't transfer my DL
    as there is a mark on the NDR from MA in 1981.
    possession of a single joint, not driver related.

    I have spoken to an attorney and they informed me that there
    is a chronic and substantial problem with some states placing
    errelevent and not qualified items on the NDR.

    I have spoken to the NDR people at the federal level, they claim
    they only maintain the database and hold no responsibility for it's content
    or accuracy.
    Typical government???

    The NDR is reserved for driver related items and concerns.
    DUI, repeated driver violations, medical conditions etc.

    I have written repeatedly to MA, I have never received a response from them.
    I have offered to pay whatever fines may be involved, although it has been so long and the "violation" isn't even really a violation anymore.
    They seem to think they can ignore me??

    CA seems to grant no credence to the NDR, every year they ask me to register my vehicle, pay my $35 and send me a new sticker.

    I was about 25 when the MA thing happened, I'm almost 50 now.
    I just get worn down with this silliness!!!

    I'm "Well Rehabilitated" haven't been in MA in over 20 years.
    I'm not going back over a single non smoked joint.
    This is just absurd!!

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    Romerro, your post has been put in a thread of its own - we don't post to old dead threads. I will close this thread from 2006.
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