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How do I get a transcript? Louisiana

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  • How do I get a transcript? Louisiana

    Transcript of a trial or other court proceeding is ordered directly from the court reporter or from the court reporter coordinator.

    500 Poydras Street
    Room C151
    New Orleans, LA 70130

    Loretta G. Whyte
    Clerk of Court
    Gene R. Smith
    Chief Deputy Clerk
    Dawn Fanning, Secretary (504) 589-7650 Kristina Haley, Secretary


    Denise Fredricks, Manager 589-7676
    Lauren Gremillion 589-7679
    Barry Johnson 589-7677
    Holly LaMothe 589-7678

    Case Managers

    Name Section Phone
    Pam Polk Manager 589-7745
    Steve Hill Supervisor & F 589-7685
    Kimberly County C 589-7682
    James Crull A 589-7688
    Sheena Demas K 589-7687
    Gaylyn Lambert

    Peggy Koster E 589-7695
    Cesyle Nelson S 589-7680
    Pam Radosta D & N 589-7683
    Pat Scherer I 589-7752
    Eileen Stensrud J & M 589-7694
    Audry Steward B 589-7747
    Jay Susslin H & R 589-7689
    Rick Windhorst T 589-7691

    Closed Records/Appeals

    Dale Radosta, Manager 589-7700
    Julie Harrison, Supervisor 589-7701
    Gretchen Fox 589-7668
    Bryan McManus 589-7671
    Alicia Phelps 589-7716

    Court Relief Secretaries

    Dale Radosta, Manager 589-7700
    Fay Neal 589-7520
    Elizabeth Schroeder 589-7715

    Court Recording Clerks

    Pam Polk, Manager 589-7745
    Betty DiMarco, Supervisor 589-7761
    Cynthia Crawford 589-7722
    Bonnie Hebert 589-7724
    Cindy Usner 589-7723

    Docketing Unit

    Name Section Phone
    Dale Radosta Manager 589-7700
    Julie Harrison Supervisor 589-7701
    Jeanne deMontluzin Work Leader 589-7703
    Aimee Alleman 589-7659
    Charles Armond D & F 589-7708
    Cherie Bourgeois 589-7658
    Bonnie Catalanotto R 589-7706
    Gail Chauvin 589-7718
    Cassandra Colville 589-7656
    Scott Daigneault 589-7657
    Bridget Gregory K 589-7684
    Laura Gregory B 589-7702
    Dina Guilbeau T 589-7704
    Isidore Grisoli I & S 589-7712
    Paula Hebert C 589-7711
    Stephanie Kall J & M 589-7709
    Tanya Lee H & N 589-7710
    Dean Oser L 589-7705
    Carmilla Rose E 589-7707
    Carolyn Stewart 589-7719
    Geraldine Williams A & Naturalization 589-7714
    SCANNING UNIT 589-7654/
    Alexandra Haley
    Renee Radosta

    Financial Unit

    Lee Navarre, Administrator 589-7786
    Marion Barbir 589-7785
    Beth Laiche 589-7785
    Beverly Pisciotta 589-7785


    Dale Radosta, Manager 589-7700

    Mary Farragut, Supervisor 589-7670
    Janice Dorsey 589-7667
    Diane Gertjejansen 589-7666
    Michele Ranzino 589-7669

    Jury Section

    Marianne Judice, Jury Administrator 589-7740
    Cookie McCann 589-7730
    Debbie Powers 589-7730
    Deborah Ragas 589-7730

    Magistrate Clericals

    Pam Polk, Manager 589-7745
    Kim County, Supervisor 589-7682

    Criminal Magistrate Desk
    Barbara Bush 589-7750
    David Stechmann 589-7750

    Pro Se

    Pam Polk, Manager 589-7745
    Jay Susslin, Supervisor 589-7689

    Pro Se Desk
    Judy Hartle 589-7746
    Tami Salem 589-7748

    Staff Attorneys

    Loretta G. Whyte, Clerk of Court 589-7650
    Julie Bosworth 589-7755
    Rhonda Ehrlicher 589-7758
    Leanne Howell 589-7757
    Richard Robinson 589-7756

    Systems Unit

    Computer Help Line 589-7770
    Patricia Soulé, Manager 589-7762
    Kevin Cleveland 589-7764
    Chris Gismondi 589-7766
    Jingmei Guo 589-7768
    Erin Laine 589-7767
    Steven Munster 589-7763
    Phong Nguyen 589-7769
    Kim Wertz 589-7765
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