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Sold car never recieved all the money- Indiana

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  • Sold car never recieved all the money- Indiana

    Heres the deal: sold a car, it was not titled in my name. It was titled to a friend of mine that can back me on the story. Agreed on $2000 with a $600 down payment. It was to a friend of mine so I gave him the title so he could get it plated and titled. It was verbally agreed to be paid in like 3-4 lump sum payments. I have the bill of sale we both signed with date, and vin of car with agreed amount and amount put down. I have txt records of our ongoing balance and just a whole conversation of him acknowledging that he owes me money and no dispute of the current balance. It has been over 8 months and he still owes me around $800. I even agreed a couple weeks ago he was suppose to give me a lump sum of $500 and we were going to call it even but he never came thru on that. I am tired of waiting and really I am losing money because of all the small payments. Also, he does not have the car anymore. I found it for sale on craigslist and after contacting that county's authorities it was determined that it would be illegal for me to go get my car back even tho he never paid off the original debt and did not pay me off with the money received. Also let me add that as soon as I heard he sold the car I went with my buddy, the original titled owner, and got a duplicate copy of the title therfore voiding out the title that whoever has the car so it shouldnt be able to be titled now I believe. My question is should I run into any problem taking him to small claims court to get my money? Is there any special info that I should bring up, and anything that I can do that if and when I do win to speed up the process of getting the money because I know that he is broke and doesn't have the money. Thanks in advance.

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    You can take him to small claims court for the money owed + court costs. You
    need to take everything you have that's in writing in regard to the agreed upon

    If you do win & get a judgment against him, there could be a problem in getting your
    money if he has no assets/income.
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