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caught in the middle of a scam, please help California

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  • caught in the middle of a scam, please help California

    details: we are currently involved, in what I have found to be a scam. we have not been asked for money yet, but in doing my research. they will ask us to deposit a check, then deposit a postion of that check into another account for them, then that check that we deposit will bounce. my only concern is that this scam is targeting children or their parents. as a chilld actors needed for commerical.

    I did a lot of recerach and the company seemed very legit. they have a web site a BBB rating, (I think that was to a company with the same name) and the partner they listed has a repitable web page. so I signed an initial contact of a photo release, and a retainer for booking my son for the time needed) we signed this contract, and the person emailed back stating how many passes we need for people coming to the shoot. so they can make the arangements nessacary. so I emailed them our names. this is as far as we got, I kept doing research, because it just seemed to good to be true, and figured out that we were caught in the middle of this scam.

    I have reported this to the kids casting web page where the scammers are fishing. and sent an email to our local police department. my concern is the contract we signed. knowing this is now a scam, and what will be coming, is the contract even legit?

    here is the contract exact wording (I took out the group name and clothing company name cause I wasn't sure if that was allowed, please help.

    this is to inform the public and whom it may concern that (name of group) (hereafter referred to as the client) in conjunction with (name of clothing company) and its sponsor companies has a binding contract signed, and agreed with the undersigned talent parent/ guardian.

    I hereby authorize the client to publish the photographs taken of the undersigned minor child for use in the printed publications, website and advertisement purposes. the permission granted herein is strictly limited to the use described below and for no other purpose, whether suggested or implied.

    I agree to reserve the time and date agreed upon, and will not make other reservations for that time and date. For this reason, the client agrees to pay a booking deposit of $500 within 5 business days of executing this agreement contract and the outstanding balance of $2,500 will be paid on the day of the event for the usage rights to all commercial work for the period of six months.

    by signing this contract and release form, I attest that I an the parent or legal guardian of the child listed below and that I have the authority to authorize the client to use their photographs for web gallery update, handbills, and online advert.

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    what does the contract say happens if you just fail to show up?

    if they didn't ask you for money, what do you mean by a "retainer"?


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      Originally posted by hr for me View Post
      what does the contract say happens if you just fail to show up?

      if they didn't ask you for money, what do you mean by a "retainer"?

      the retainer I meant "booking fee" they said for his time. but at this point no money has been exchanged. it says nothing about what would happen for not showing up, this was the full contract except for the heading and the company name on top and bottom.

      I have now don't even more research and found another wed site using all the same photos (of staff members), but different names listed under those photos, but same website layout, I believe this website is the same scammers,

      no business hours listed and both sites state copyright 2017. on the bottom.

      also one of the images came back as a postcard from another company, which I believe is where the photo originated from. so I am sure its a scam. (if I wasn't before) But I'm not sure what I should do now, knowing its a scam, because of this contract. I want to call them out on it. and I know as I'm writing this now silly I am sounding. I guess I just need a little guidance.


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        Any time a contract is involved, the answer is always, always, always take the entire contract to a local attorney who will actually have to read the entire contract.

        I understand that you feel you have mitigating circumstances, which may or may not mean anything legally. Hence the "talk to an attorney, have them read the contract". It is literally impossible to give you a meaningful answer other then this.
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