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    I'm not giving examples or citing actual laws, but I am however telling the truth about my own experience as a child who worked full time since the age of 8. I worked in many hazardous jobs from the age of 8 and social security found I had actually began working even younger through my records of employers who reported my earnings to social security.

    I am not an attorney in any way or an expert save for my own experiences.

    The cold true fact of this matter is:

    There are no real laws that protect children who work because in California, there are no real laws preventing a parent from forcing a child to work. You may see posters and hear from an occasional vice principle of a high school or even middle schools. I told my vice principle I was working full time since elementary school and he cared less even though the work was dangerous.

    My father had me working at the age of eight. I began mowing lawns for neighbors and then this moved into me working for friends of my parents who were good enough to report my earnings, however, once my father and mother realized how much money my work brought in, they told me that if I worked after school and on the weekends, they would put all of the money I made into a trust fund and double the amount and give it to me once I was considered to be an adult. I was then forced to work every single day after school and on the weekends full time. I rarely had a day off. I had no support from my parents for school and no support from the school even when I began failing in my grades.

    It was found later in life that I also suffered shattered vertebrae in my neck that went completely untreated and I was still forced to work. My parents told me that they didn't believe me about my horrible pain and believed I was faking my injuries to get out of work.

    At the age of 13 I was caught driving large water trucks about the size of fire trucks loaded with chemicals and water to San Francisco from San Jose California to wash diesel trucks and mobile homes as a single employee. I litterally had to wash up to 50 semi trucks a day and worked as long as 12 to 14 hours a day, six to seven days a week and was expected to keep my grades up to passing or I got beaten with razor straps accross my back and buttocks and later almost anywhere on my body. I went to school with welts almost every day. I was beaten up by a cruel brother who since he was the first child did not have to work like I did. My sister was not expected to work because she was a girl and younger than me by two years. I was informed at a very young age that my parents only wanted a boy and a girl so I had to pay for my own needs as a child and my mother to this day, even while I am now 49 expects me to pay back money for raising me as my father also said shortly after he died only a few years ago. I was never considered to be a part of the family but rather a servant and bread winner. All my Christmas and birthday presents were paid from my earnings. My mother admitted to me only two weeks ago, that I also paid for my own clothes and paid rent to my parents out of my wages. Ofcourse, I was never paid and there never was a trust fund set up for me and my parents never intended to pay me any of the money I earned. I also purchased guitars from tips I needed for music class. I was kicked out of music classes when my teacher learned my parents sold my guitars and I was told to leave the class and never return. The same happened in my photography class when the camera I purchased that had to be a SLR camera for the class, was taken from me by my father and sold promptly. My father claimed it was too nice of a camera for a child like me to be using, even for school. I was again given a "F" for the class and was sent to the vice principles office who basically did nothing to help me. My parents also stole a car from me that I purchased used from tips I saved for many years and sold it for $500.00 at the time. It was a Boss 302 muscle car that recently sold at auction for $400,000.00 dollars. I never recieved a dime from anything they stole.

    I have had several major surgeries as an adult to my lower back were discs that died were replaced with bone grafts and hardware to keep my spine attached to my hip. I was also told that because of the level of pain I suffer all the time I would most likely only live another 5 years maximum because most people in my pain level commit suicide within five years of when the pain began.

    As a child I worked other jobs, as a steel yard worker and forklift driver. I had to stack and move many tons of steel by myself every day with no help whatsoever. I also worked at a cement block company and moved pier blocks all day long among many other heavy items. Other jobs included working with dangerous chemicals, next door to an asbestos plant, in heavy clouds of gas when I learned to weld metals, drove forklift, heavy machinery and many other dangerous jobs while growing up.

    After I was sent to the vice principles office I was told I had only a few options once my vice principle found my social security records that showed many years of working, (a half of a twenty year career) by the age of 16. The VP told me that he wanted to prosecute my parents or I could drop out of school which was legal and that would take away the jurisdiction of the VP to prosecute my parents so I dropped out rather than putting my parents in jail.

    My father was caught in the act of severely physically abusing me, but the charges were dropped thanks to a friends of my parents who was a head cop of the sheriffs department who had jurisdiction in the area where we lived and attended the same church as we did. Even though both my parents were ordered to have family counseling by a judge, the friend of my parents who was a cop managed to have all the charges dropped as a courtisy to my parents.

    When I was 17 years old, I finally decided to not work anymore and go back to high school. My father promptly stole whatever money I had hidden and kicked me out on the streets with nothing but the clothes I was wearing in freezing cold weather, no money, jacket to keep warm and nowhere to go so I lived in a field where there was an old abandoned pig sty, until a friend of mine asked me to move in with him and his father put me back to work at his steel yard where I worked many years before.

    I reported my parents to authorities for the abuse and robbing me of any money I made. I reported my parents steeling the things I needed for school and selling them without my permission which caused me to drop out of school. I even spoke with attorneys who had no problem charging me for consultation, but did nothing for me in any way whatsoever. I even wrote letters to the same judge that convicted my parents but somehow there were no more records of the case thanks to my parents friend who was a fellow member of the church they attended.

    To top it all off, my parents for years lied about me to relatives and told them all horrible things that were not true in order to alienate me from the rest of the family and friends they knew for years. I am even afraid to show at the church I grew up at and loved so many people. I learned I am not welcome at the church and never once did a thing to deserve that type of treatment.

    Although I talk to my mother once in a while, she only asks for money and continues to state that I have to pay her back for raising me. I refuse to pay so I am still not considered to be a member of the family and lost my wife and duaghter to the horrible things that my parents told them that were not true at all. After my wife left me my Dad told me that if I paid them back they would tell the truth. The damage was done and my daughter is now 27 and I rarely hear from her and never here from my now ex wife.

    So I am now told I may need hip replacement surgery and operations to my disks. I was approved for social security only because it was found in my records that I started working before the age of 8 years old. I didn't hire an attorney or anything and was very surprised when it was approved the first time I applied.

    Among the physical problem I am now told I also have fibromialgia. I can't even express how much pain I am in most of the time every waking minute. I went back to college about 7 years ago almost full time because it helps me deal with the pain and I hope that I will be able to make money while working from home. My majors are in Computer Science, with minors in writing and journalism, astronomy and cultural anthropology. Somehow I am able to fall deep into concentration mentally of my studies which I found helps take my mind off of some of the pain.

    I have found that high school put on a pretty good act when they discover a child abused and forced to perform hard labor, but that's about all. The government makes tax money that has been a very large contribution from children who work "without a proper work permit", which in other words, they turn the other way as long as the child can't complain to anyone else, or drop out of school which only relieves the high school of any further responsibilities. There are no government agencies who really take this seriously. The cold hard facts are that laws that are written now and the very few that are really taken to court compared to the amount of kids who work without permits, and that doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of the truth. Schools who are caught turning the other way claim it "builds charactor" in a young person. They don't take into account the consequences that will effect the child later on in life as an adult.

    This will always be an ongoing problem, but until the people actually force schools to enforce the laws, and police departments to actually investigate these cases and the government continues to profit in the name of taxes from these kids who are abused and have their childhoods stolen from them along with physical problems this problem will continue.

    Parents have a responsibility to their children financially and any parent who forces a child to work is nothing more than a thief and rotten person who should not be considered to be a parent but by law a person who participates in what is really human slavery and trafficking.

    I doubt my distant relatives will ever believe me and I am not welcome in any relatives homes due to the vicious lies my parents told them for all those years because I refuse to pay them back for raising me. Some relatives also were employers who forced me to do very heavy labor and also refused to get me medical attention when I had a broken neck.

    If the laws were true and the government really cared, they would make laws that allow victims to sue parents and those who stole their well being as employers of children who work regarless of permits. The few laws that exist are nothing more than a smoke screen. The fact is, there are too many children now for the overloaded school systems to care on way or another.

    You will also see cases where child actors and those who are born making movies are ripped off by their parents and find they are broke and ruined for life in the name of entertainment.

    I have one thing to say about those who are supposed to protect our children and fail to get involved with making sure a child does is not ruined for life and refuse to make sure the money is returned to those who worked as children. and that is this: You are fakes, frauds and abusers yourself, and this means you, if you turn away and refuse to get involved in seeking the truth and refuse to help those kids who childhoods are stolen for profit. You are just as guilty of destroying those tender young lives as are the parents who abuse them and use them for nothing more than slaves. You are liers and thieves yourselves. You don't help a child build character but rather put them into positions where they end up in prison or take their own lives because they can no longer deal with the pain they experience later in life from being overworked. You people are not worth the spit of a goat. I only hope that there is a next life and you are made into child slaves yourself and your education is robbed from you too. Maybe if someone came along and kidnapped you and made you slaves you may then start to understand the horrible damage child labor or work of any kind really does to children under 18 years of age.

    I also believe they should bring back the laws that make children minors until the age of 21. They should put parents who force children to work any job whatsoever in jail for a long time and make the fines what they should be. I am not sure but I would suspect that a lot of social security is paid out to people like me who did have to work at a very young age and not as child actors.


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    Filemaker, this thread is three years old, and frankly we are not here to listen to vents. Do you have a legal question? If so, please start a new thread.
    The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.


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      To CBG,

      Sorry I didn't notice the thread is three years old. If so, why is it still listed on the search engines or still on the Internet?

      I meant the entire statement to be a question of sorts. Would I have legal recourse to sue my parents for the wages I earned as a minor if listed on my social security as proof? Also, I learned that most of my injuries to my back were caused by flogging with switches and the use of razor straps by both of my parents at least twice a week average for most anything and to ensure I knew what would happen if I talked to anyone about me working or driving to work without a license.

      Most people who suffer from post childhood traumatic syndrome or disorder don't find out until they are in their forties or fifties as was my case. I also learned I suffered from a fractured neck as a child that went untreated and I was still forced to work while it causes me problems to today. I'm severely disabled and nearly died three years ago after my body finally gave up from the pain I live in now. I know for a fact that my parents even though they were arrested failed to attend court as ordered and family counseling which from what I understand has no statuet of limitations and if so can this be used to open a case against my parents estate. My father died and my mother and sister agan lied to the sheriff at my brothers funeral stating I was living under a bridge and a junky in hopes of having me put away when in fact this was a lie as well which the sheriff gave me permission to prosecute for lying to the sheriff. They took a very substantial amount of money from the entire family and especially my nieces and nephews and fled the state and purchased a house with the money.

      Everything I'm saying here is true and I have social security records that show the ages I worked and almost every single employer I worked for made sure to pay my social security taxes out of my earnings as they were supposed to which is in my records showing I worked since eight years old full time year around. Can I use all these various circumstances ot open a case?

      Thanks and sorry I didn't add these questions. I also found that the county where we lived refused then and now to investigate cases of children working without a work permit as policy and I cant find one single case of parents prosecuted in that county and was told by the top sheriff that they don't because they feel it builds integrity in a child. What a crock.

      Thanks and I can see where some of this just doesn't seem true but I promise everything is true.



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        All right, since you didn't take the very large hint I gave you, I moved your vent/question into its own thread.

        You'll have to ask the administrators of the various search engines why the questions still show up. I do not control them. Besides, no one said you can't read the old questions; just that it's a waste of time to respond to them.

        If you want to sue your parents, you're going to have to talk to an attorney in your state. I can't help you with that.
        The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.


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          I say do one better.... Call larry king...


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