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Start an LLC (non-us resident - swedish citizen) - Need advice!

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  • Start an LLC (non-us resident - swedish citizen) - Need advice!

    Because of the Swedish laws and tax regulations I need to start a company where I sell most of my items (to avoid a 52 % tax on all income). You don't need to answer all of my questions, I'm really, really greatful for all answers I get.

    I'm selling digital items (downloads) at Ebay and about 70 % of my customers are from the US, therefore to start a company in the US seams to be the best option. However, I've a few questions I havn't managed to find answers to.

    The best option seams to be to start an LLC in Delaware. I base that on that it seams like you aren't required to be a US citizen or reside in the US to be the sole owner of an LLC there.

    According to the companies I've talked to the only thing I'll need to file is a personal tax return for a non resident with U.S. source income to the IRS. That seams to be too simple, aren't you requred to file something about the income for the LLC to the state of Delaware?

    It also seams like I must get an ITIN to be able to get an EIN for the LLC and to be able to file the personal tax return for a non resident with U.S. source income to the IRS, is that correct?

    Should I use some kind of accounting software like QuickBooks? Or should I use some kind of more personal tax preparation software like Turbo Tax? Or both combined maybe? What kind of bookkeeping am I required to do? For how long am I required to save the records and would I still have to save them if I close down the LLC? What do I need to include in the personal tax return for a non resident with U.S. source income when I have the LLC?

    Would I have to pay US income taxes or would it be enough with the swedish income taxes? Am I required to pay any VAT when selling digital items to people in other states on Ebay (it seams like Delaware has no VAT)?

    How hard is it to manage to do all this? I mean, do you think I, a person with no knowledge of US LLC's and US tax filing and bookkeeping, will be able to do it? Do you know any good guide on the internet?

    Apart from that, according to the companies I've talked to, the only thing I need to do is to make sure that I pay the Franchise Tax on time and that I pay for a Registered Agent. Can you think of anything else? As I understood it I woun't need to pay any annual Income Tax, what do you think?

    Is there anything else I should think of that you can think of?

    Really thanks in advance,
    Best Regards
    Oskar R
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