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Non-US Citizen of Green Card holder

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  • Non-US Citizen of Green Card holder

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    I currently live in Brazil and want to open a Nevada LLC to buy products in Nevada and export to other parts of the world. But I am not a US Citizen or US resident (Green Card holder)

    1 - Can I open this Nevada LLC ?
    2 - Eventhough I have a Nevada Resident Agent (RA) Do I need a US citizen/US resident partner to sign and open the company for me?

    In sum, can I create this company myself, have a business liscense and open a bank account in the US?

    Thank you for your time and consideration.



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    Nevada LLC for foreign national

    Of course as an attorney, I'm arguably a little biased, but I would amend your question to, 'Could I have an attorney properly advise me regarding and form a Nevada LLC?', but regardless, the answer to your questions in my opinion are, yes, and no, you need an attorney who handles Nevada LLCs.

    A single-member LLC is a disregarded, pass-through entity for U.S. federal taxation purposes (unless it elects to be taxed as a corporation, which you would not likely want to do in this instance), and is thus sometimes used by overseas foreign nationals as a sort of offshore business entity.

    Your contacts with Nevada in this case would indicate you have every legitimate reason to form an LLC in Nevada, and to open a bank account to do business with it.
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      Thanks for replying the post. Let's keep in touch..... I may need more adivce and/or legal assistance soon. again, thanks.... roberto


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