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Parking on private property Delaware

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  • Parking on private property Delaware

    I own a business in an urban area with 5 parking spaces, which is just enough for the staff. Other business owners and residents continuously park in our lot. I've had many of the cars towed; however, we have one stubborn neighbor who outright will not stop parking in the lot. His car has been towed over 50 times and he doesn't care. I've had many confrontations with him. I've been harassed, threatened, called names, etc. I've called the police on him. I've placed a no contact order on him. Nothing seems to work. Even a cop told me I should let the air out of his tires since he refuses to follow the rules but that goes against my goal. Furthermore, his brother is a judge for superior court, so he never gets in any trouble. What can I legally do to his car, aside from having it towed, if it is on my property? Hold it indefinitely? Destroy it (I like this one, but I would never do it)? Help!

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      If the configuration of your property would permit it, you might consider installing an electric gate or access control system. With the card control type, you could issue cards to those you want to be able to park there. This can be pricey, but in my company we had them on most of our lots and buildings, not only for parking control but for security for the authorized vehicles parked there.

      Others may have some advice on additional legal actions you can take. If he truly has a brother who is using his position as a judge in the manner you suggest, it is a tough thing to fight without fear of retaliation in some form. We'd all like to think that a corrupt judge can be brought down, but even if that happens, it doesn't help the people that he has harmed along the way.

      An additional concern would be that anyone who has the assets to be unfazed by 50 towing and vehicle storage fees is going to be pretty tough to fight. I would keep having his vehicle towed, as I'm sure you would without me recommending it. It seems that sooner or later the inconvenience of retrieving his vehicle should have some impact. I'd recommend against doing anything to damage his vehicle.
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        You could shop around and make sure that you are using the most expensive towing service available and/or the one that he has to travel farthest to retrieve his car. Perhaps one on the other side of a very inconvenient construction zone?


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          Find the top three inconvenient services (either price or distance).

          Put them on a list.

          Have an employee make the call, picking one at random, and pay no attention when they come pick up the car.

          Also perhaps, he is only allowed to speak with you on the issue.

          Then every time, hand him the list, and tell him it's one of those three.

          I don't know if that's legal, but I don't know as anyone would blame you either.


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            Any way you can just block his car in, and refuse to move when he wants to leave?
            I am not an attorney, and don't play one on TV. Any information given is a description only and should be verified by your attorney.


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              Thanks for the responses!

              A friend suggested charging an excessive daily rate for parking in a "permit only" private lot. He also recommended placing a sign in the lot stating that non-permit parking carries a daily rate of x. If he doesn't pay, I'll simply report it to Equifax or place a civil suit against his business (the car is registered under his business.) Furthermore, he holds numerous government contracts. Once a civil suit is under way, the government places a hold on, or cancels, the open contracts. He also may not bid on a new contract for a period of three years. Sure, this sounds spiteful, but it's legal, or at least it sounds legal.

              I think $300 a day is a good number since he has cost my company hundreds of dollars-I regularly have to pay for parking in the public lot when he disregards my parking policies.

              Any thoughts?


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                Das ist in der Doktor

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