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Need help with foreclosure Indiana

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  • magma
    Most in the same situation are renting until they build their credit back up and get past the situation, on a foreclosure you need to be at least 3 years past it with payments made to all tradelines of credit on time during those 3 is obtaining a new " mortgage loan" that would be considered fraudulent.

    You can hire an attorney...National Association of Consumer Advocates – Consumer Protection Advocates and Attorneys or try a non profit to help with the modification like HOPE at 1-888-995-HOPE.

    If you are going through the modification process with Chase, they are modifying most of their loans as long as you can show that you can afford the modification going forward........

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  • squills
    started a topic Need help with foreclosure Indiana

    Need help with foreclosure Indiana

    Hello, Just wanted to start by saying hi and that I am sorry its soo long, just wanted to get all the info to you.

    Well it all started when I lost my job, we decided to sell the house but we have only lived it in for almost 2 years. After talking to the morage company they told us about a short-sale option. So we found a buyer, filled out the paper work and submitted it.

    A couple of weeks later we got a letter saying it was denyed becuase we were not 90 day late on a payment yet. So the rellitor told us to wait 60 more days and then refile it. We did this and now were 3 months behind on payments. Then it took another month for them to tell us they accepted it, but in this time the buyer had found somthing else. So we had found another buy with in 2 weeks. Had to resubmit the offer..same offer as the other guy had submitted.

    About a month later (6 months past due now) we get a letter saying they rejected the offer cause with the late feels the total due on house went up. Sence then I have tried to call the lady that takes care of all this and she will not return any of my calls. I also was going to try and due the transfer-leain-of-due or something like that, I did not have much info on how that works, but like I said she will not return any calls ...

    So about a month later (7 months past due now) I get the Foreclosure letter, I call there lawyer asap to see about the transfer -leain -of-due (or what ever its called.) and he just tells me he cant do anything about that and I have to contact this lady, whom is the same lady that will not return any calls. So I called and talked to another person who in the long run said i would need to contact this lady (yes same lady) .....

    So all in all I feel like i got screwed because i took the advice to stop paying for 3 months buy the mortage company, but I am sure there is nothing i can do about that now, So my question is, Is there anything I can do to stop the foreclosure? If not what does that mean? Am i going to have to pay what it dont sell for even though i had a buyer willing to pay x amount (like 5000 short of cost + taxes and closeing cost)

    any help would be appricated thanks
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