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Is this leagal TX Hospital Laws Payment Texas

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  • Is this leagal TX Hospital Laws Payment Texas

    My hospital that I worked at shut down and all employees were laid off. This was 13 days before my baby was due. I was able to get on my husbands insurance, however; we are responsible for 10% of the bill. I am on unemployement and can only afford to pay $25.00 a month and I owe $677.00. I called to set up a payment plan and they said, that they cannot accept $25.00 a month, but that they could accept $60.00 a month. Well I cannot afford that, due to my not working. She said, it is going to a collection agency. Can they do this? I mean if thats the case, Im not going to pay any of it..wont that make my credit look bad. By the way I have excellent credit and I would like to keep it that way if possible. Please help what are my rights. Thanks Jennifer

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    Yes, they can send your unpaid amount to a collections agency.

    Yes, sending any debt to a collections agency can be very damaging to good credit.

    Yes, not even attempting to pay on a collections debt can be very damaging to good credit. Even if they are demanding $60.00, and you can only pay $25.00, pay the $25.00. Your debt will likely be collecting interest, and it will not be paid off as quickly, but if things go to court, paying something looks better than paying nothing at all.

    Your options are to:

    1) Call and plead your case with your insurance company. See if there is anyone sympathetic there who might be able to get the insurance to pick-up a little bit more of the tab. Review your policy completely. Review all your medical bills completely line item by line item, and see what you can negotiate.

    2) Continue to speak to the hospital where you gave birth. Ask to speak to a social worker or someone in the social services department. Again, try to negotiate with them to lower the monthly payment amount. Be nice. Being nice and keeping the lines of communications opened is crucial.

    (Aside: I do collection calls for my own business, and I'm far more likely to be sympathetic and understanding to someone that is willing to negotiate and work with me in a cooperative and pleasent manner. Anybody who gives me attitude does not get anywhere.)

    3) If you can find a social worker (like the one at the hospital) discuss with them about state and/or federal aid for your child. Most children can be covered under state and/or federal health insurance programs depending upon your situation. This will be crucial in providing your child with future health care coverage and in reducing the expense for you.

    4) Immediately begin looking for employment as soon as you are recovered enough to do so. Unemployment benefits do not last forever.

    I wish you the best of luck.


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      Thanks so much Im calling the hospital now!!!


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