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Writ of Garnishment//Arkansas

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  • Writ of Garnishment//Arkansas

    Thanks in advance guys!

    My husband owns a LLC and contracts labor. One of the guys that works for him every once in awhile apparently owes a company money. My husband received a certified letter from the court which is a "Writ of Garnishment/Small Claims Division" on behalf of this "employee". I guess they are assuming he works for my husband on a regular basis and wants to garnish his wages. We have 20 days to respond, or else my husband "will be personally reliable" for the $4,991.16. My question is:

    Do we need an attorney to write up a formal response or can we just write a letter stating that he is contracted labor, has been paid all his dues, we owe him no money, and have nothing of his in our possesion?

    I'm not sure if just a letter from us will suffice. I really don't want to have to pay to have an attorney do the same, unless, of course, this is something a little more serious than we are assuming.

    Please help! Thanks again!
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      Does anyone have an opinion or advice??
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        In Arizona the Writ would have an Answer of Writ page in the packet of paperwork that you were served with. In Az I would fill out the Answer page and send a copy to the attorney(s), copy to the employee and the original to the court.

        I am not sure about your state but I would think that you could call the court house where the Writ was issued and ask them if there were no directions in the packet.


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          I would do the above and be sure to definitely respond/answer in the time limit allowed.
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            Getting jipped...

            If it had an answer sheet, that would have been obvious, but it did not. I called the courthouse and they were not helpful either, they just told me I needed to respond. Anyway, I just ended up making an appointment with an attorney. Hopefully they wont charge too much for this and if they do, the guy that gave the courthouse my number will be paying... I think this is ridiculous that we could be held responsible for the amount some random guy owes, just b/c he wrote our company name down as a contact.

            Oh well...

            Thanks anyway guys! Have a good day.
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