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need help summoned on credit card Georgia

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  • need help summoned on credit card Georgia

    Hello all new to forum.I got a summons on a credit card debt from CACV of colorado.I never recieved A letter from before (only the summons).The summons is from Trauner,Cohen & Thomas,L.L.P. of atlanta georgia.I live in bowdon,georgia.I dont owe the amount they say I owe.The summons says I owe $1522.03.I did not get the summons until Jan 30 2007.It states it was filed on oct 25 2006.

    I called and the woman I spoke with said I owed around $2500.I said that was not what the summons says.She said it has went up but if I came up with two payments of $826 she could reduce it to $1652.I told her I dont have that kind of money.Then she said I could pay $600 dollars down then the rest in payments but then I would have to pay the whole thing.Then every day it will go up more the longer I wait to pay.I dont have that kind of money I am a mother of three and no job.

    She said well I am sorry then it will be a default in judgement on you.What can I do .She was even going through my credit report and asking questions about things on it and saying things like well if your parents seen what was on your credit report they would flip.My credit report is nobodies buisness but mine how can she get it.Need answers soon I have til 30Th to respond on summons at courthouse and no idea of what to do.Been reading about the SOL but it didnot expire til 2/8/2007.

    Thankyou in advance for info.

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    Q: My credit report is nobodies buisness but mine how can she get it.

    A: You agreed in writing to let the lender and all assigns look at your credit report when you borrowed the money.

    Do not ignore this summons. Go to court. Ask the judge to set it for trial.
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      Civil Court Summons—Asset Acceptance—Bank One

      Help! I received a summons for a credit card debt, and haven't know where to turn. I am to answer the complaint within thirty (30) days of the summons, which would be 24 April, but I see no date to appear.

      Quite honestly, I cannot begin to pay this debt, or would have done so long ago. I am 58, and live very modestly, just squeezing by with nothing left over. I own no real property, but do own a 13-year-old car with 100,000 miles on it. My income is soley alimony.

      I cannot afford an attorney for this case, and cant' afford attorney's fees for bankruptcy. I feel ****ed if I do and ****ed if I don't. Any help at all will be sincerely appreciated.

      Thanking you in advance,



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        I don't think they can enforce a collection action on you. Be ready to get harassed for the rest of your life from collectors. Offer a settlement of a couple of dollars a month. Find a part time job to cover it.


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          There are several forums that deal strictly with collection agencies, you do not have to be harassed for ever. They are all potential 1k settlements into my bank account.

          Unfortunately if they already sent summons you must answer complaint.


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            Agree - you must answer the summons in the time allowed or they will get a default judgment against you.
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