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Deadlines to pay creditors? Chapter 11 Connecticut

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  • Deadlines to pay creditors? Chapter 11 Connecticut

    Hi all,

    I'm a former employee of a company who filed Chapter 11 the day after I quit. my reason for leaving was that my paychecks bounced. All of them. I haven't been paid a dime for the three months I worked there, last year.

    They hired somebody to act as a sort of "restructuring manager" who was approved by the bankruptcy court, and he's been giving me the runaround for...nine months, now?

    It's excuse after excuse. The winter weather slowed down revenues, etc. Last I heard, he was "hopefully" going to start paying pre-petiton wages "late April, early May." I emailed him two days ago and now I believe I'm just being ignored.

    So, how long could I potentially wait to be paid? How long does a Chapter 11 have to repay their creditors? At what point (if any) does a Chapter 11 become a chapter 7? You know, when it's determined that the company is just too far down the hole to be saved, after all?

    I've got all the emails and other info, if needed. The company is called **** and they're out of ####CT. The info is public, as I'm sure you're aware so you can look up the case.

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    I am unsure why you continue to work if you are not getting paid at all. That aside, have you filed with the DOL for unpaid wages? If you want us to predict the financial solvency of your employer, we can not. That would be a better question for those who work there or are handling the bankruptcy.
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      Let's try this again...

      Hi! Thanks for the quick response. I appreciate your help here and on other threads of mine.

      As I said, I'm a former employee and no longer working for the company. Why would I, right?

      I have spoken with the DOL and filed all of the necessary documents, but I'm told that because the company filed for bankruptcy, the matter now resides in the hands of the bankruptcy court.

      I certainly wouldn't expect anyone here to know the solvency of the company. I simply wanted to know if there are any legal deadlines - how long do they have, not how long will it take.

      Thanks again. Sorry for before.


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        There is no way for us to know when you might get paid. You will need to continue to work with the person appointed to handle the disbursement of wages during the restructuring/reorganization of the company.

        There is also no way for us to know if the company will need to convert the chapter 11 to a chapter 7 & have it approved by the court.

        Good luck.
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