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Attorney is dropping ball in business bankruptcy Pennsylvania

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  • Attorney is dropping ball in business bankruptcy Pennsylvania

    I have engaged and attorney and paid a retainer and proceeded with a case (business closing/bankruptcy and possible personal bankruptcy due to guarantee of LOC) and the attorney has gone several weeks or even months without returning calls, responding to emails/faxes and even actions by the bank against me. What should I do, and what will happen. All calls to his office are to voice mail or receptionist that says he is out when she answers, does not respond to emails, letters or faxes either. The bank took action against me personally citing the personal guarantee and stating they were not waiting for the bankruptcy proceeds to pay off the business loans (of which there are plenty of funds to do so). This was immediately given to my attorney who did nothing and now I have my 10 day notice that they are about to get a judgement since no defense was entered. Also, the IRS is owed money on payroll taxes, that it's my understanding that I am also personally responsible for, and I've requested numerous times he contact them to make sure they are paid and or inline with the custodian but he hasn't. I am still getting letters from the IRS on past due taxes and I call and tell them the company has filed chapter 7, almost 6 months ago now, and they have no record of it, take my attorney info and filing info and so on but then just send another letter.

    I'm concerned, obviously, for many reasons, but also don't have funds now to hire a new attorney, new retainers etc... and or start over. What happens if because of negligence I lose my case, get judgements against me, the IRS does not get paid etc...???

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    You really do need a new attorney though you should have gotten one sooner. You can probably get a referral to a no cost/low cost attorney through your local legal aid society, local/state bar assoc., social services, or local law school if there is one.
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