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Contacting an attorney? Georgia

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  • Contacting an attorney? Georgia

    My husband had been urged since a terrible malfunction in January of this year with his heart defibrillator/pacemaker to contact an attorney. We've tried to accept what happened and move on without getting involved in a law suit, but seems every way we turn - it keeps coming back in some way. This is now causing another surgery as they say the episodes weakened his batteries and they need to be replaced. (I'm still wondering why they didn't replace them when they did the surgery in January to repair the lead wire) and now today the doctor's office called and wants us to come down to get a home monitor device to keep his checked each month because they have discovered that there might be a defect in the lead wire. This is what happened originally and he was shocked over 30 times and has never recovered from those episodes and has to take anxiety medication for that. He has post traumatic shock and his entire personality has changed.

    I just found out tonight, that there is a recall on the lead wires and no more of them will be used in the devices.

    I'm really upset about all of this and now I'm seeing ads about contacting attorneys if anyone has been injured because of fractured lead wires. My question is this - is it better to jump on board with some of these that are advertising? Do they have more knowledge to do right for the client or would it be better to seek out an attorney that is not on this advertising list?

    Thanks for any advice!

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    That is a products liability case, and those are very expensive to put together. Before you hire a law firm that is advertising for that kind of case, check them out every way you can. Ask them for info regarding cases that they have won, so you can check them out by looking up those cases. If you go to your state's courts home page, you may be able to seach Court of Appeals or Supreme Court decisions, and use the lawyer's or firm's name for the search term. That will give you some info about them. Or get a local lawyer and pay him for an hour of his time to check them out for you. A lawyer can find out about another lawyer pretty easily.

    You can also go to and see what their peer-review rating is. That will tell you what other lawyers in the state think of them when surveyed confidentially. The highest and best rating at Martindale is an "AV." That is a pretty reliable rating system, as you must earn the respect of your peers in order to get a decent rating.

    Also check with your state bar to see if the lawyer(s) have been disciplined, and if so, for what.
    Bob Bollinger, Attorney
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