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    Align café located in Khuc Hao Street, Ba Dinh, Ha Noi in Vietnam. Step into the restaurant, tourists who stay at the luxury hotels in Ha Noi will be fascinated immediately by the small path leading the entrance to the inner space with two rows of tree structure straight, it's not just for overall consistency but also bring feeling comfortable and relaxed when immersed in nature, escape from the worries and chaos of life. Through the path structure is to bridge over an aquarium with the fish appetite. Small lake, with fences made of trees running along the lake look very dreamy.
    Campus bar navigation style in harmony with nature, with plants, aquarium, roof, water... the airy space, in and out of the frame glasses, big tits, wide create a feeling totally immersed in nature, be free and relaxed.
    Space of the restaurant brings to you feeling downright pleasant peace. First of all is the color coordination between the interior and surrounding walls. All using muted tones bold, traditional, other than those the entertainment, or the decor gaudy often see on the billboards outside.
    Wall made of bricks, not plastered and painted should look quite interesting, rustic. here have put the chair mattress warm and lots of pillows and bolsters to be able to sit in the most comfortable way . What like better than to be curled up in a little corner beside the pillow, cute in the warm colors of the lights are shimmering glow, sip try cafe hot milk or a glass of favorite drink hum the room, tone gentle. Upstairs is a space very untidy, but suitable for the young. Even, you can sit right in the aisle, leaning against the cherry tree, white flowers, snow, shooting, lay beef out the reflectors...
    Corner garden small balcony very suitable for those who want to sit cafe quiet. Just look out for cau soaring of the Chinese embassy, looming in the roof roofing tile according to the architecture. Specifically, every 4 months Align the re-organization of the festival wind chimes imported from Japan, so many styles, colors rich and varied. You can draw these funny pictures up wind chimes.
    Source: Dat phong khach san

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