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  • Sonora Quest Labs is not the Lab for you.

    i have many years in the Lab business and never seen a screwed up one like Sonora quest. or LSA. they claim to be a part of Quest Diagnostics but i dont think so.
    first of all at all the Banner Hospitals labs they have bio hazard un covered. untrained personnel working. i was eating in the cafeteria and notice a hospital worker walikng down the hallway with a specimen in their hand. rather then in a sealed nylon specimen bag. the couriers pick up specimens with a T Shirt bag.. i thought Labcorp was bad but sonora quest takes the cake. sonora quest has so many Title 49 violations .
    Banner Health hospitals is a over priced Urgent care. the patient pays big money to only get patched up and given 3 aspirins and send you home. the people who work at these hospitals dont care, for example a very ill women was waiting in the Lobby at Ironwood and no one helped her but a courier. and the rest of the people were making fun of her. dont count on surviving with Banner