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teens who want to emancipate their parents

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  • teens who want to emancipate their parents

    my name is gabrielle and im 16, my parents are divorced and i live with my mother. i don't like the living arrangements i have now because my mother always tells me how much of a horrible child i am and how i should go live with my father. i have been thinking about it a lot and i would like to live with him but i know she refuses to let me live with him even though she tells me to. i've already talked to him about it and him and his wife are completely fine with it. im not sure how to make it work though. my father pays my mother child support plus more because he owes her for past years.

    if he still pays off what he owes will the courts allow me to live with him?

    and what do i do if she objects to it?

    i honestly can't stand being here. i will still pursue school and he only lives 45 minutes from here.

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    Hello my name is Courtney and I'm 16 year's old. Im not like those kid's who want to move out because I want to be with a boy that I've been with for just a little while. I am 16 year's old an I have been forced to live a adult life. for 4 year's I have not lived with my bio-logic mother sence I was 13. and 8 months out of those 4 year's I was homless and alone on the streets and in 2007 of December my fiance's mother took me in and became my legal Gaurdian. a little while goes but and I find out im pregnat with my fiance's baby which I've know sence I was 7 and been with for 2 years. but anyway what im trying to get at is im 16 and me and my fiance which he is 19 we are being kicked out of his mother's house which is my guardian. Me and him want to get married and move and him been tho everything. living with him for 3 years and being with him for 2 and the are son Damien James M. passes away at the age of 2 months. and well I really need help.........
    R.I.P my beautiful baby Damien James McCardle


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      HI iam 16 and have a baby i was wondering if i'm in fostercare can i get married and leave??
      [email protected]
      thankyou, Audrina


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        One of my friends is 16 and he is living with his grandfather and is wanting to leave because his homelife is not tha greatest and i was jus wondering at tha age of 16 if he runs away and lives with friends wat can his guardian which is his grandfather do?


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          im 15 and my mother gets drunk and stoned then physically and mentally abuses me. i want to get out of the house but i dont know the laws on emancipation. what do i need to do to get away from her?


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            you can go to a court and sence your 16, you can ask to go live with your dad. or he can file for custody over you. and they will ask what you want to do, and if you say you want to live with him and expalin to the judge your situation, and your dad and step-wife are financially sound and are a better choice for you then your mom, then the court should let you live with him.


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              am 16 & i am pregnant , i am adopted and i cant take my foster parent anymore when i was adopted she never told me that i could have said no i didnt want to be adopted . i hate living with her and its very stressing she thinks she controls me and every job i get she doesnt want me to have . she does these things so that i only can depend on her i really want to know what i can do to be emancipated . can you help?