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Parents stuck in Custody purgatory

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  • Parents stuck in Custody purgatory

    i'm new to this whole thing,i have a friend that has two boys taken by dfcs from his ex.i'm tring to help him,but don't know where to start. can anyone help?

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    I have been in a custody battle for sometime over my eldest. He is living with his father and we have joint custody. I am supose to have him two days a week and every other weekend. My ex husband has taken advantage of the system because my son is older now and he does not have to watch over him anymore (so he thinks) My son knows this and basically does whatever he wants. He refuses to come to my house on the days that I am supose to have him because he wants to spend all his time with his friends. Because of this here in Michigan child support is based on overnights. I have a 12 year old that is with me most of the time and only spends every other weekend with her father. Based on this situation I have been recently told by Friend of the Court that I will have to pay my ex Husbanc Child Support more than he has ever paid me. I can't believe it!!! Does anyone out there have any advice to give?


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      Since 2001 I have been fighting my ex for custody of my two boys. I finally had the chance to regain custody during the dependency hearing in AZ Juvenile court when The state took them away from the mother. Now I am going through family court to regain sole legal custody. Though I was never married to the boys mother, I have had my rights of a father questioned and challenged throughout the courts. At the beginning, I was held in contempt for speaking up for my rights and now that she has broken all the Judge's order, she has yet to be placed in contempt for the things that she is pulling. My ordeal is long from over as the mother will continue to fight for "what is hers" as she has stated.


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        Rvanderwest01- In,Michigan see if they have forms to fill out that enforces child visitations. I know in Arizona- I have filed a modification and enforcement of child custody against my ex ever since Child Protection Service got involved. She even tried taking off with the boys when it was my time to have them. I got the police involved and when they found them, my son told the police officer he did not want to go with me. The fact is that I had a court order showing it was my turn whether he liked it or not. I am their father, their parent and regardless of friends-I'm going to always be in their life. To a 12 year old who feels like they have been past around to many times between parents is very hard-the only constant that seems to be going for him is his friends; that's if you don't take control of the situation now. I have made it my responsibility to get a counselor for them to speak with. Who can they talk to that is going to help them understand and process their feelings? Though his friends may be there for him, they are not qualified to help a child professionally, afterall-kids at that age are still going to puberty and most of the time they think that they can do whatever they want but who still pays the bills, their Food, the clothes they wear?-They may think that they know it all but if you don't speak up and show that you're concern for your child- how will he know that he is not the only one going throuh this-that both you both are trying to cope and adjust to this situation.