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    I am truly hoping someone can help! I am a salaried employee who normally works more then 8 hrs a day and over 40 hours a week. The company I work for has always allowed you to make up 4 hours of your time if you have a doctors appt or what not, but they have now changed their policy (verbally, nothing in writing and only for corporate, so not all employees are effected). We must work in the office at least 8 hours a day and if we do not meet the 8 hours one day we must use leave time (either annual or sick) to equal out 8 hours –it doesn’t matter if we already have 45 hours on the clock (yes we clock in/out now to) for the week, we must still use our leave. My question is, can they force us to use our leave this way since we are salary? I know they legally cannot tell us how much time to put down on our time sheet, so what the difference? Another example, if we worked 10 hours on Mon, Tues & Wed we used to only log 10 hours of annual leave to total 40 hours for a week –no more!! So what if we already have 30 hours in, we now must enter 16 hours of annual leave for the remainder of the week.
    Most of us work when needed, nights and weekend and this is how they treat us?? NO!
    I work in Virginia so if you have any insight I would be extremely grateful!!!