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Thread: roommate laws in florida?

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    Default roommate laws in florida?

    My girlfriend and I recently had both of our roommates move out before the termination of the lease. This left us the responsibillity of covering the full amount of rent, and forcing us to switch to a smaller apartment for which we had to pay a fee for. Are they liable for the months that we had to cover? Also, for about 5 months, the girlfriend of one of the rommates lived with us. She neglected to pay for rent or bills. Is she liable for the rent and bills for the time that she stayed in the apartment, eventhough she was not on the lease? any help would be greatly appreciated, my girlfriend and i are out of alot of money because of this!!!

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    If you can prove they were on the lease or there was a roommate agreement, then you may be able to sue them but if you threw them out and terminated them, then they can claim that your throwing them out relieved them of any obligation to pay beyond when they were actually there. So this is kinda a complicated mess. Most leases have joint and several liability meaning if they move out, the remaining parties still owe the landlord the rent and their shares get bigger. So you cannot get a definitive answer on here. This will depend on the facts, the lease, any roommate agreements. I suggest you review the lease and any landlord and roommate agreements and review them also with a local attorney.

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