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Thread: Basement remodel contractor issue

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    Default Basement remodel contractor issue

    I have a home in Georgia and we're in a contract with a basement remodeller to finish our basement. The contractor estimated that this would be an 8 week project, and the contract states that the project would be 'substantially complete' by the middle of December (the start date was middle of October). But here we are in the middle of January and we still have no flooring, the painting is only about half done, etc. Is the contractor in breach of contract? Or could the word 'substantially' be interpreted to mean that he isn't?

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    not enough information to be able to say; it depends on the contract and if the consumer is the cause for the delay indirectly or directly; sometimes a contractor has to wait til certain materials are in stock to comply with consumer demand or contract and sometimes other issues such as the weather preclude being able to do some kinds of work until the weather is better

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