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Thread: Emancipation of a minor (Colorado/Delaware)

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    I'm 16 years old and I live with my mom and step-dad in Colorado. My life with them is not so great. My mom is very unstable and my step-dad is an extremely angry person. I have a half brother who is 6 and I'm afraid for the both of us, that someday something might happen because of my step-dad's anger issues.

    My real father, has never really been a part of my life but my grandparents used to have custody of me. My mom left me with them when I was 7. She was married to my first step-dad and according to her left "to straighten things out." When she came back two years later, she was divorced from her first husband and married to my current step-dad and pregnant.

    I'm wanting to see if there's any way I may be able to get emancipated from my parents. I have a job and I earn quite a bit of money for the average 16 year old. I'm trying really hard to get by with my own money in hopes of getting an emancipation. I'm hoping to live with my grandparents in California again.

    Please let me know if there is anyway this is possible.

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    Can you please start your own thread?

    Posting your question at the end of an Old & Long post will not help you get your answers.

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    Default Emancipation

    I'm a 15 year old female living in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
    I go to school of course, soon switching schools so I can graduate early.
    I live currently with my Father since half way through 6th grade (in 10th grade now) and he hits me quite a bit and threatens to kill me over stupid stuff like being at school. I'm done dealing with it. What are the requirements for being emancipated in Colorado? Or anything I need to know?

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    Starting your own thread will get you more answers.

    Colorado doesn't have a statute for emancipation. Your best bet if you are being abused is to contact your local department of children and youth.

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    Post I realllly need help Emergancy. Please tell me anything.

    Uhm. I am a Female living in Delaware. I am 16 years of age. And i wanna be taken out of my house. Asap. I cant take much more. I deal with a mother who is a alcoholic . She is in a wheel chair. And She has threatened to kill herself. She is always yelling at me. And mistreating me. Calling me a ***** **** ***** . She pretty much verbelly abuses me. And she deinies ever hitting us. i do think it was because of the fact that shes killing herself. Shes a horrible mother. She is very unfair about everything. I do live with my 3 older brothers one is 17 and he is just the worst. She is always chosing sides. and uses this line all the time that allows him to get his way. Here it is " Your a girl and hes a boy " I dont know how much i can take. Really its getting old its been going on for awhile now. and my house is a terrible mess. I am the only one that does clean. I do cook for her , And when she doesnt get her way she is very mean and she does critise a lot. ( Crit-a-size) Sorry i cant spell. Lol. But anyway, She is very mean. She doesnt listen to me or anything. I have already lost my father. She lied to me about his death. And i lost my grandparents all of them. And just a few months ago my best friend commited suicide . And ever since then i feel that my life is going to down hill . I need to know if there is anything i can do before its to late. Am i am to get emancipated. ? And how can i get this done ? Cause i need to know everything . Cause this is effecting me very badly. Uhm. I cant focus in school i often cry. And i gathering evidence that she does act this way to me. Please i need this to stop i dont feel safe in my own home. I dont wanna live my life like this any longer. Please i need to know if ther is anything i can do. Also she doesnt like my boyfriend because of his race. Hes a purta rican boy. And very smart and i love him and she is always makin jokes about it.

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    Start your own thread.

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    Since it appears that reading constantly, "Start your own thread" does not seem to mean anything to most people, THIS thread is now closed.

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