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When representatives of Congress don't represent Americans they have to be
booted out of office. Two prime examples are Utah's Chris Cannon and Orin
Hatch. Last week, Project USA, an immigration reduction group paid for
billboards in Utah that asked the House of Representatives Chris Cannon R-Utah,
a huge question all over Salt Lake City.

"Congressman Chris Cannon wants amnesty for illegal aliens. Do you?"

Latest Zoby and Roper Polls show that 80% of Americans want illegal immigration
stopped. What is it that the Congress can't see or read in those figures?

It's important to understand that Chris Cannon in the House and his counterpart
Orin Hatch in the Senate have done nothing to stop illegal immigration before
9/11 or since. In their native Utah, over 65,000 illegal aliens have disrupted
school systems, bankrupted medical services and put a lot of Utahans out of
work or depressed their wages. Utah suffers the most underfunded education
system in the country. It's paving 16,000 acres of farmland annually. It does
not have enough water.

In a wild reply, Cannon called the billboard creators every name in the book.
They were "racists and anti life." He must not have read the sign, which
clearly stated the word, 'ILLEGAL'. He was so distraught he asked people to
call his personal cell phone at: 801 362 8300. Since this writer lives in
Colorado where we have over 150,000 illegal aliens costing us thousands of lost
jobs for Coloradans as well as over $140 million annually for educating illegal
alien children K-12, I gave Cannon a call.

To his credit, he listened when I asked how come we have 13 million illegal
aliens in this country? What about 'carrying capacity' being overwhelmed by
importing the Third World into our country and creating an added 200 million
people? What about species extinction? What about standard of living and
quality of life being denigrated as hordes of illegals crossed over our
borders? What about the 16,000 cases of MDR tuberculosis and 7,000 new cases of
leprosy brought into the USA in the past four years by illegals that avoided
health screenings at our borders? What about stolen jobs and lost wages? What
about the lack of water when Colorado adds five million and California adds 20
million via immigration? Mr. Cannon, what about the rule-of-law illegals break?

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