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Thread: Being fired from a part time job in California California

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    Default Being fired from a part time job in California California

    Hi im just looking for some help and to see what i can do to get my questions answered. Im being fired for accusations of my being on my phone all the time at work by a person looking to purchase the business i work at. My question is can they fire me for accusations like that? Another problem is i never filed out w2 or w4 forms for taxes is that wrong? And i work sometimes for 7-8 hours with no break or anything. What can i do?

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    1) Yes they can fire you for any reason or no reason at all, and certainly for being on your phone during work time

    2) Not necessarily. If you do not fill out a W-4 form for taxes, they are required to withhold from your pay using the Single Person tax table with zero exemptions. You do not fill out a W-2. That is the form the employer gives you at year end that states your income and the tax withheld. If they are withholding taxes and they give you a W-2 in January, they are fine.

    Now, if you mean you are not having taxes withheld, and you are being paid under the table and not reporting the income, yes, that is illegal tax fraud-for both you and them and is as likely to get you in as much trouble as them.

    3) I'm not sure on the break thing as that is state specific and I don't work in CA, but one of the other posters will know.

    4) Be the best employee you can and hope it blows over, or look for another job.

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