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Thread: Minimum Time Between Shifts New York

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    Default Minimum Time Between Shifts New York

    Hi all,

    So I just started a new shift at a job where I currently work 11A-7P M-F. I will now be working 4P-Midnight Tuesday-Friday and either 8A-4P/10A-6P on Saturday. My question pertains to the minimum number hours between shifts. To contextualize my problem, it takes me roughly 1.5/2 hours to travel to/from work so I would be leaving work @ midnight Friday, arriving home around 2A and then have to get up again around 6/7A on Saturday to get to work again. Is this okay in NY/are there Federal limits on this? My pay periods are Sunday-Sunday btw.



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    There are some industries where time between shifts might be regulated (such as the airlines) but generally for most jobs, no there is not.
    generally in situations such as yours, if it is a one time instance, it might be worth your while to rent a hotel room nearer to your job, because I agree with you that is a tough turn around time!

    This is from the W&H dept in NY:

    "Q: How many hours can an employer ask an employee to work?

    A: There are no limits on: .
    •The number of work hours per day (except for children under 18)
    •How early in the morning an adult employee may work
    •How late in the day an adult employee may work
    In some industries and occupations, an employee must receive 24 hours of rest in each calendar week. Such jobs include work:
    •In factories
    •In mercantile establishments
    •In hotels (except resort/seasonal hotels)
    •In restaurants (except small, rural restaurants)
    •As an elevator operator
    •As a watchman
    •As a janitor
    •As a superintendent
    For a complete list of the "day of rest" provision of the law, go to: "

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    I can't find any law that limits the time between shifts in NY unless you are a minor.

    There is no Federal law on the issue.

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