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Thread: Sexual Harassement and Retaliation Arizona

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    Default Sexual Harassement and Retaliation Arizona

    I was sexually asuallted by another male co worker. I contacted human resources and was told she would send an email to the Regional manager I still have not heard anything from HR. . I was then treated with disrespect from the Property Manager. To the point where I felt it unsafe to be at work. I felt as though it was in my best interest to resign, in which I did.I have also filed a report with the local police. What rights do I have?
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    Do you have a specific question?

    Do you have a bit more of a timeline? Did you followup with HR to see if the email had been sent and let him/her know that your property manager was making work difficult? Sometimes it's hard to quantify "disrespect" and how that was linked to your complaint.... Did you have any other issues with the PM prior to your complaint? After your complaint, it was up to the employer/HR to stop the sexual harassment -- did they? And then to not allow retaliation because of the complaint to occur. Like I said, can you link the behavior by your PM to your complaint (do you even know if he knew about the complaint?)

    If you don't want to share more details, then I suggest visiting with a local attorney to see if you have any recourse on a constructive discharge basis. But details matter as does any type of timeline.

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    You need to talk to a local attorney. SH issues are very complicated. Not DIY.
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