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    Just a bit curious ... a friend is receiving unemployment benefits. He was the victim of a downsize and lost his job. He has yet to land a replacement job and so it receiving unemployment. He has a girlfriend who lives in Scotland. He left a couple of weeks ago to stay with her for a month. I'm assuming he's doing whatever is necessary via the computer to continue to receive his UI checks, but is this even legal? He couldn't work anyway, being out of the country. I don't want him to get into trouble or have to pay any money if he's doing this wrong. Simply concerned. Would there be a problem with his being out of the country for a month instead of looking for a job here?

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    Yup, big problem. Unless he told the UI people in writing and in no uncertain terms that he is absolutely going to Scotland and therefore will not searching for a job while he's away, then he is committing fraud every time he accepts a UI cheque covering a period during which he is in Scotland.

    That said, if he didn't tell UI this, while he will be found out (it might not be right away, but it will be at some time in the future - maybe next week, maybe a year from now, maybe three years from now - however, he will be found out), the UI people will probably not charge him with fraud right away. What they will do is expect him to return to them any benefits he received while in Scotland + any applicable and relevant penalty amounts. If he doesn't pay the amounts they demand, then they will go after him for fraud.

    So if your friend doesn't want to end up with a criminal record for fraud, he should have this money (overpaid benefits + penalties) ready to pay UI when they ask for it. Because they will ask for it, eventually.

    (And there's nothing he can do to prevent this now, he's gone to Scotland so he is committing the fraud now even as we speak. If he returns today, her could reduce the amount he owes, but that's all.)

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    He could possibly be looking for work via the Internet while he is overseas. He could even do interviews via Skype. If he is doing that, I don't see it as UI fraud. Now if he received a job offer and didn't take it because he wanted to spend the time in Scotland, that could be fraud.

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