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Thread: What is my last day of employmen for my resume (with salary continuation)? California

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    Default What is my last day of employmen for my resume (with salary continuation)? California

    Hi quick question -

    I resigned from my job on 12/14 and offered two week notice so my termination date is stated as 12/31. My remaining PTO days and an additional week of salary are being counted as continued salary so I haven't received my final paycheck. What is the end date I can put on my resume? I prefer to put January on my resume - is that permissable?

    Also I live in CA, and still haven't been paid my unused PTO according to state law. However, does my continued salary status provide my employer additional time to pay me out?


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    When a future potential employer calls this employer one of the first questions they ask is dates of employment and it look very bad when what you say and they say don't match. I would contact your former employer and ask them what they consider your last day.

    One of our California folks will show up shortly and answer the payout time limits information.
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    What do you mean by continued salary status? Do you mean you haven't been paid or that your normal salary is still being paid to you?

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