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Thread: Settling a Workers Compensation Claim Missouri Missouri

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    Default Settling a Workers Compensation Claim Missouri Missouri

    Our company insurance is wanting to settle a Workmans Comp claim with me. I was injured at work resulting in surgery and follow-up therapy. The insurance shows that the doctor released me back to work with no restrictions. However, the doctor informed me at my final appointment that, if I continued doing the work, I would be back to see him because the repair wouldn't hold up to the strain of my job. How does this effect my claim, and my future employment. If I re-injure myself, am I still covered? If I can no longer do my job, should my claim be larger to compensate for the loss of ability? I would love it if I could just go back to being able to do my job as I always have, but I also need to think about what happens if I can't. Btw. I have done this job for over 40 years. Suggestions?

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    One of the things that the carrier should have gotten from your doctor is a disability rating this would range from 0 if there was nothing wrong with you to 100 if you pretty much can't do anything. This is what any settlement will be based on. You should ask to see this document before you settle anything. Because if they don't have it they are basing the settlement on a full release to work.

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    I would also encourage you to not sign any settlement without having it reviewed by an attorney.
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