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    I was terminated for violation of company policies. Based on a picture of a vehicle that looked similar to mine. My vehicle that is similar has been wrecked for 10 months and has been at the repair shop waiting for me to come up with the money to repair it. It took me 2 months to get my termination letter. I was never told why I had been terminated before that. The letter says that a manager saw suspicious activity around scrap tire trailer and got a picture of a black ford ranger with a load of scrap tires on it. It says they questioned everyone that worked that night about who it was. It says that fingers were pointed at me and when they talked to me I admitted it. First of all I was never questioned about who it was that got the scrap tires even though I worked that night. I was told by the assistant manager I was terminated but he didn't know why. The accusation that I took scrap tires has already cause me to not get hired at 2 different places. How do I despite this and get it removed or changed.

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    Under the at-will employment law, anyone can be fired anytime for pretty much any reason, including no reason and wrong reasons (and yours seems to fall under "wrong reasons"). So your termination was perfectly legal. There's nothing really that you can do except file for unemployment.

    Regarding not getting hired because of this, you may have a case for slander/defamation. In order for your case to be valid, you will need to prove that:

    a) you didn't steal scrap tires; and
    b) your former employer told your prospective employers you were fired because you took scrap tires when you weren't supposed to; and
    c) the sole reason you were't hired by the prospective employers is b) above.

    If you can prove all three of the above, then I recommend you consult with an attorney about a slander/defamation suit.

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    Agreed you should talk to an attorney, but the prospective employers are immune to a defamation lawsuit since there would be strong presumption of "absence of malice" on their part. Even your old employer does not have to be correct that you are a thief. They just need to show that the termination was reasonable based on what they knew at the time. You would need to not only prove that you did not do it but they knew you did not do it. You need to prove "malice" on their part.
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    So if you were there when someone took the scrap tires, did you not report it? Or try and stop it?
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