Just saying: Out of state for three nights; we'd parked our car at a Masterpark lot. We've had good luck in the past so were surprised to find our car windshield cracked on the driver's side when we picked up our car. Somehow our windshield was broken while on Christmas vacation and they expect us to drive away happy with their service?? They offered to refund our parking fee. The cost to replace the windshield is $400. We will park elsewhere for the peace of mind, next time. What would you do? We still want to be reimbursed. I'll update this if and when that happens. FYI: "It's not Masterpark's fault" What?

I just received Masterpark's reply:
" . . . The offer for free parking that was extended by the manager was an effort to ease the financial burden to repair the existing rock chip and is still available if you would like. Unfortunately Masterpark is denying the claim as my crew did nothing to cause the rock chip that ended as a crack in your glass. . . . "

This seems to me to be bailment although the ticket stub has disclaimers. There was no damage when we gave them our keys--the windshield had a two-foot crack when we came to pick up the car.