This is a long story but I'll try to get to the point. I work for a public agency and do have a union. Earlier this year I started talking with a male supervisor, things quickly escalated and we became friends, or so I thought. Nothing romantic, just friends, although there was some innocent, flirting involved. Shortly thereafter many people in the office started being really rude to me, gossiping, and just making work unpleasant. As soon as I realized that it may have to do with him, I distanced myself from him. He reacted by starting to walk by my cubicle multiple times a day 7-12 times a day, when he had no reason to and had never in the past. I caught him on various occasions when he did this staring at my cleavage. Shortly thereafter I discovered that the reason that people were being so nasty, was because him and I ever started becoming friends, he had told some of his friends in the office that I had the hots for him. This then turned into toxic rumor. Thinking that we were still friends and wanting to give him a chance to explain, I asked him point blank which he didn't deny, but instead answered a question I didn't ask. I got nervous thinking of what a mess this could turn into and tried to let it go. I made another mistake, in that I confided in a friend who is a manager about the situation. When she asked what I wanted to see done, I said nothing since I didn't want to deal with the drama associated with this type of situation, and figured the gossip would eventually die down. I went on vacation and upon my return, his demeanor towards me became very cool almost aggressive. Prior to all this, him and I had communicated over email. Nothing sexual nor graphic, but taken out of context the email information could be misconstrued. I have since been told by my other friend the manager, that those emails were a mistake. I know that he has told management that I am "angry" I'm not. I have seen managements behavior change drastically. When in the past they would respond via email to a question. They only respond verbally now. I have worked for this organization for over 16 years, I have been a trainer and in various roles of responsibility. I have never been written up nor had any problems with my coworkers nor customers. Even when I have been bullied at work on prior occasions, I have worked through it. There is no reason they reasonably could have to fire me or reprimand me, but if he establishes that I have some sort of anger issues and could be a threat to the well being of the office. Which is a complete fabrication, all it would take is him or someone else bumping into me, and claiming that I hit them or shoved them into a wall, in order for it to be a huge problem or lead to my termination. I would just like for this to go away, but I am concerned that if I don't file a formal complaint, there won't be any paper record if they try something horrible to get rid of me. The other issue is that my other friend, who is a member of management would be compromised since we had various conversations related to this matter.