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Thread: Divorce an Illegal Immigrant Alabama

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    Lightbulb Divorce an Illegal Immigrant Alabama

    Long story short, my sister married her boss May 23, 2013. She was pregnant with their only child. She had no idea that his Green Card expired May 24, 2013 along with his drivers license and everything else he had. We honestly believe it was an attempt to just stay here in the USA.

    Since then, as she remains working under him (hes working illegally) hes not been giving her the paychecks she works for, for the past year now. He has total control of ALL financials. Hes also mentally abusive and has been physical with her. When she goes to pack up and leave, he stops her. They have a disabled son and hes purposely made him miss appointments because he doesnt care and is also an alcoholic.

    What can she do. She has limited access to funds for an attorney and makes her work long hours (14-16) hours a day or more, or can she get this marriage annulled?

    It gets worse, but this is where I am starting!

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    I don't see that being here illegally has anything to do with her overall problem.

    She needs to find a time to sneak home, grab what she can take along with their son and leave him. If he tries to stop her, she should call the police. If the police get involved and his immigration status comes to light, he may then have to deal with his status along with the divorce.

    She can file a wage complaint for unpaid wages with the state. Then it will be her word against his.

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