I was terminated by the big corporation Freeport Copper & Gold in AZ. I am a foreign engineer who started working for the company three years ago by working visa. My offer was a full time position. My performance was excellent every year. But since August 2015, the company has announced to downsize because losing money, HR told me not to renew my visa as pretext reason bad performance and ask me leave soon, and then my position was replaced by an American engineer. After I left, I heard that the company paid the severance package three month salary and benefits to the American workers who laid off.

I thought I was discriminated by the company, because, first, the real reason not to renew my visa was the company downsizing, but the company paid the severance package to the American workers, the foreign workers just left no severance package. Second, my full time position was replaced by an American.

So I opened a file in EEOC, but EEOC just issued a right to sue for me. Now I am preparing for a legal war, how much chance I can win? How to find a good lawyer?

I also think a CLASS ACTION because other H1B foreign engineers also cut by not renewing visa and without severance package. See the link below: