I was recently turned down for a job that I was asked to apply for. While not admitting to the reason, I'm guessing it has something to do with my criminal background check that shows a number of offenses from 28 years ago (petty theft, criminal mishief, basic hooliganism of an idiot 18yr old).

I've recently decided I'm going to petition for the annulment of my record, just so this doesn't happen in the future. I have read the Section 651:5, and got a recent copy of of my criminal record. Of the 7 charges all meet the requirements laid out in 651:5. I understand the fee structure, and where I have to go, but I'm having a little bit of trouble filling out the petition for annulment, or don't understand some of the terms.

1.) It asks for a case name. Where would I find that on my Criminal record
2.)It asks for case number. Is that same as docket number?
3.)What is a charge ID? Is it the same as the charge info?

I'm planning on filing the forms myself. I have spoken to a lawyer but really can't afford what his costs entailed. Any help on deciphering the legaleese would be greatly appreciated.