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Thread: Acquiring Clean Title after seller preforms a "title jump" West Virginia

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    Default Acquiring Clean Title after seller preforms a "title jump" West Virginia

    I purchased a vehicle while visiting family in NH this past summer. When i bought the vehicle i paid with cash and the person who sold it to me gave me the title and a bill of sale. The title had already been signed over to the person who sold it to me because she had purchased it from her father a few months before when he went into a retirement home. In NH you do not need a title to register a vehicle, so after stopping at the DMV to get the plates and realizing that i could not register it there since i have a West Virginia licence, I had a family member co-register it in their name since they are a NH resident and so on. Well the time came for me to head home while the car was still registered in NH. However here is where it got complicated. When I got back to West Virginia, I was told by the DMV that I could not register the vehicle in my name since the person whom sold it to me performed what the law refers to as "title jumping". So after a few weeks roll by I was told by my neighbor that since I possess the vehicle after 6 months I can apply for a clear title. However they could not remember who to go to. I am asking if this is true that once the 6 months of me having it in my possession I can apply for a clean title, and if so who do I go to in order to do so? I purchased the vehicle in July of 2015 and did not come back to West Virginia till November 2015. Would the 6 months in my possession start back when i got the car or would is start when i got back to WV? also the title is made by The Common Wealth of Massachusetts. if that matters at all.

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    When you called the DMV and asked them what their process is, what were you told?
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