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Thread: American Homeshield Warrantly - Second Opinion? Virginia

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    Default American Homeshield Warrantly - Second Opinion? Virginia

    I have a home warranty with American Home Shield. I had a 20 year old HVAC unit. It is rusted out, is mismatched with the furnace, has broken down before, and per another contractor is going to cause issues later.

    The contractor/repair person who came out for some reason recommended just replacing the coil for $800. A few months ago I had an HVAC specialist come out to look at replacing the duct work (at my expense, obviously). He warned me about the unit and the problems it has and could cause.

    I called him and he said their choice to try to repair is patently absurd. Is there any way for me to force the issue with AHS? I want to get a second opinion heard since it seems clear the contractor is working for the company and not me - and against all reason.

    The contract stipulates that AHS can request a second opinion (if they think the repair is too high) but it doesn't specify for this situation. They are covering the repair, just not in a way that I think is satisfactory. My guess is I'm hosed unless I happen to get a super nice customer service person.

    "e. AHS reserves the right to obtain a second opinion at its expense. In the event that AHS informs you the malfunction is not covered under this
    contract, you have the right to request a second opinion of the cause of the malfunction. You must ask AHS for a second opinion from another
    Service Contractor within 7 days from AHS informing you the malfunction is not covered. In the event that the outcome of the second opinion is
    different than the first opinion, then AHS may, in its discretion, decide whether to accept coverage under this contract. If you request a second
    opinion, you will be responsible for the payment of an additional Trade Service Call Fee only if the outcome of the second opinion is the same as
    the initial opinion"

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    You will need to abide by (follow) the terms of the warranty. You could always run the warranty by a warranty/contract attorney if it isn't clear to you.
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