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Thread: Employer is arbitrarily targeting 2 specific emplyees with new "rules". Oregon

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    Exclamation Employer is arbitrarily targeting 2 specific emplyees with new "rules". Oregon

    I work for a non-profit organization with offices in several cities in Southern Oregon. I have been here since June 2011.

    Since I started, HQ's time accounting policy has been "Let us know if you're late or sick, and otherwise just send us your time sheet every 2-weeks."

    Suddenly (about a week ago) a coworker and I are now REQUIRED to clock in/out by sending an email when we arrive and depart work. This is in addition to sending in our bi-weekly time-sheets. HQ has ADMITTED (in an email) that these rules ONLY apply to me and one of my coworkers at this office. We both have several 'counterparts' in other offices in other cities. Our counterparts are NOT required to comply. HQ has given no explanation of why these new rules were created for me and my coworker (only), other than "you guys are off site". (Everyone is off site, so that is BS).

    Is this legal?

    What can/should I/we do?

    Thank you!


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    Unless your employer is doing this specifically because of a protected characteristic such as your race, gender, disability, age or religion, then yes this is legal. "Offsite employees" is not a protected characteristic as defined by law. Nor is your employer legally required to provide you with a reason for this.
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    Agree, this is legal as long as you & the other employee are not being singled out due to a reason prohibited by law (ie age, religion, gender) or unless you have a binding employment contract to the contrary.
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