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Thread: Help with non payment issue - Georgia

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    Default Help with non payment issue - Georgia

    My wife worked with a company and was promised pay from the employer. This person had her under his employ for approx. 3.5 months. She received a total of $300.00 but she spent about 45 hours per week in the shop. I am assuming since there was no timesheet prepared that calculation of overtime is non applicable. However, is there a site online to file a case? The GA DOL group seems to be vacant and contact is non-existent.

    My question here is what alternatives can be pursued? She found out this person has been operating fraudulently and her working there is, no doubt, a good thing. However, she should be due minimum wage for the time worked, minus any payments made. There is no employment contract, so, again, have to assume minimum wage.

    Thanks to all in advance for suggestions and responses.

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    She can file a wage claim with the federal DOL or a small claims court action. (or a general court action with an attorney)
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