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Thread: Tx. amended income tax filings

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    hello all, i recently found at that if an illegal alien filled out taxes in previous years but did not get all pertaining credits, now that that person has become a legal resident of the USA, if we amend the 3 previous years on tax form 1040x, what exactly and how do we get the balance of credits back? any expert knwo about this....this will be my wife's first time filling with new social. any help is apprciated

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    This board deals with employment law questions, not tax questions. You might want to post your question in a more appropriate forum.

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    I'll move the thread to a more appropriate LLT forum.
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    Default Amended tax returns--Form 1040X

    Your wife should explore the filing of amended returns on Form 1040X for the previous years. She can likely go up to three years from the due date (April 15, 2009) to amend returns filed for 2008 - 2010. Immigration status is immaterial for filing, although it may be that some of the credits involved are available only to legal residents or citizens.

    This may not be a DIY project, depending on how conversant she is with tax law and vernacular. She can likely get uncomplicated help from VITA locations (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) by contacting the local outreach centers, or go to a paid tax preparer if she needs it.

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