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Thread: i need help with an at home situation, and i need out. Nebraska Nebraska

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    Exclamation i need help with an at home situation, and i need out. Nebraska Nebraska

    okay im 16 years old, i just recently moved in with my mother. she is a felon, i have two younger siblings, my mom uses me to babysit. thats almost all i do when i am home. my grades when down, ive lost alot of motivation for a future. this past summer i met the most amazing people that i relate to, and connect to, and im happy with them. seriously happy. i HAVNT been happy in a long long time. i forgot what it was like. but my mom is possessive and jealous. she is something else. i am very mature. i know since im 16 i must be immature, but thats very untrue. i raised my siblings. there was a point in time where theyve called me mom. anyways i met people, my grandmothers neighbors, they care about me, they actually do. they love me, and they mean it. i belong with them, theres a son who is a year older than me. and hes like a brother to me already. then his father, and his mother figure and a guy who lives with them who is like the sons brother. the son's boiological mother signed her rights of him and her older daughter to the fathers girlfriend, the woman of the house. she isaround 50. she would be a real mother, which i think i should expierience atleast once in my life. my mother has been in and out of prison my whole life. and ive mostly stayed with my grandma. a couple days ago my mom has been ganging up on me with my grandma now. which is terrible. they say things to me that you wouldnt even think about saying to somebody you HATED! ive always just brushed it off, but i cant. i cant anymore. im done. i need to get out of there. shes out late hours of the night, while i am babysitting, and shes taken my phone away. she doesnt even care that i wouldnt have a phone while im watching her 6month old baby and her 4 yr old. anything could happen, accidents happen all the time. you never know. i worry about that. is there any way i can move in with the people? do i need my moms permission? please please dont think im just an average teenager, because im not. i just want to be happy for once.

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    Until you are 18, and not one minute earlier, you live where your mother says you live. You MAY NOT move out without permission unless you want to be dragged back home as a runaway and the people you stayed with put in jail for harboring you.
    The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.

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