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Thread: PLEASE PREGNANT AND NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!! Indiana

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    Exclamation PLEASE PREGNANT AND NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!! Indiana

    Please Help, I am 19 years old and I'm in my third trimester, my family keeps threatening to take my baby as soon as he is born because they don't like my fiancee. He had a previous conviction because his ex was abusing her kids and he didn't report her (he didn't know) so he has a B Felony Neglect of a Dependent. Can they really take our son because of his felony? What can they use to take our child? Please help I'm so terrified!

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    Calm down. You're a legal adult. No one has the right to take your child away from you, for any reason, unless YOU are shown to be unfit in which case it would be the state doing the taking, not your family. Your family has absolutely no right in law to do anything of the kind.
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    That's accurate.

    Just want to point out though, that Dad's conviction may be a huge deal. If he's unfit and OP allows access, she may well end up being without a child.

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