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Thread: termination by retarliation? Alabama

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    Default termination by retarliation? Alabama

    A few weeks ago, I wrote an email letter to new VP complaining current boss for lack of industrial experience and management skills. New VP forwarded it to HR and said would meet to talk. After coming back from vacation, current boss terminated my job said not following "chain of command" and directly talking to new VP. I am at "at will" state (AL) and need to know if this is termination by retarliation? Thanks.

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    There is no legal term "termination by retaliation" that I have ever heard of.

    You can not be retaliated against because you file a WC claim or a grievance or EEOC complaint. On the other hand, going to your boss's boss and complaining about your boss is a fast way to get terminated...legally.
    File for unemployment and learn a lesson and move on. Sorry.
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    Agree, no wrongful termination.
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    If you merely complained about your supervisor’s alleged lack of “industrial experience and management skills” to wantonly criticize him, neither federal nor state law provides you any “whistleblower” or anti-retaliation protection. If this is the case, why would you lodge such a complaint? Normally, your employer can hire an individual to fill a position even if he apparently lacks the job description prerequisites.

    HOWEVER, if his lack of experience or skills rendered him unable to perform some government mandated responsibility (e.g., a license requirement), you could potentially have something worth exploring. This is a huge IF. Absent a possible safety or other government-mandated consideration, your complaint does not appear “protected.”

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