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Thread: dock for working 5 days and being paid for 4 days

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    Default dock for working 5 days and being paid for 4 days

    I am a salaried exempt employee. The company i work for pays me for 40 hours. If i work above 40 hours, the company pays me the same. However, I was out sick one day and the company was scheduled to work and extra day that week which would have been 48 hours if I worked the sixth day, but would had only been paid for 40 hours. Due to me being out, the company docked my pay for the day missed, so i worked 5 days which is what my salary is based on, but i was docked the day for missing. I didnt get paid for 5 days. I only got paid for 4 days when i worked 5 days. Is this legal?

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    Maybe legal. Let's start here. How much sick time do you get per year?
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