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Thread: Landscaping Employer Not Wanting To Pay Travel Time Wisconsin

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    Default Landscaping Employer Not Wanting To Pay Travel Time Wisconsin

    My husband is a crew leader for a landscape company. His employer told him the new "trend" in the business is to not pay employees for the time spent driving the company truck with trailer and equipment from the shop to the job site and from the job site back to the shop at the end of the day. My husband drives his own vehicle to the shop in the morning. This is the business's truck and equipment that he is hauling. Is this legal? Which statutes or regulations cover this issue? He is paid on an hourly basis.

    I think this should have been posted under the "Wage and Hour Laws" section of the forum. Sorry.
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    It may or may not be a "trend", but it's not legal.
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    Default Thanks.

    Thanks for the information. I read the US Department of Labor site that you listed and it was very helpful. I am wondering whether there is also cite in Wisconsin's labor regulations that also clarifies this issues that I could provide to my husband. I looked on the website for Wisconsin's Department of Workforce Development and could not find the rules and regulations regarding the wage treatment for travel time.

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    The federal law above in Patty's link would apply in Wisconsin.
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